I have just read this newly published book by our friend Mike Dickson that I would like to recommend.

While feeling mildly virtuous and on message by the fact that I read it sitting by the sun heated swimming pool in our house-swapped villa in Provence, wearing my long owned but too seldom worn bikini and a charity shop hat (see unflattering pic sneakily obtained by stalker husband armed with Blackberry!);  like most people I could do a whole lot better when it comes to generosity to others and, come to that, the planet. This very easy to read, non preachy book, reminds us that the world is in a social, economic and environmental mess which let’s be frank is largely of our own doing. Please Take One takes a look at where we’ve gone wrong and sets out perfectly simple and practical advice as to how we can live more generous lives day by day. Importantly it shows us that this subtle shift in how we operate is not remotely difficult to build into busy lives or prohibited by our individual financial circumstances
It brings to mind one of my favourite quotes from Lily Tomlin: ‘ I always thought someone should do something about that and then I realised I am someone’ or to use one Mike included in the book by the Dalai Lama: ‘If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito!’