Over the years I have had the opportunity to take classes with some wonderful teachers – all have guided me to try things I’d never tried before. 
Being away on holiday at the moment in the warm sunshine of South of France has been an excellent opportunity to rise early before the rest of the family gets up and try new poses or new transitions between poses. My husband Dom is a keen yoga convert and since he started during the summer holidays of 2009, it is incredible just one year on to see how far he has travelled on his physical and emotional adventure.
Yoga helps to open our minds and hearts to new possibilities. It reminds us that change is possible, and that growth is possible. New experiences are a direct demonstration that we are not static, but that we are ever evolving within our bodies. So profound has this realisation been in my husband, that he has even at long last found the courage to walk away from a job that he has despaired of for years and now is extending this spirit of adventure found on the yoga mat into the rest of his life. With no idea of what’s to come or how we’re going to manage financially supporting a family of seven without the security of his monthly salary, he is just going to slow his life and down see what happens.
It’s hard sometimes to embrace experiences that are unfamiliar and challenging, they make us a bit uncomfortable and we might be afraid of failure. However, if we just embrace new challenges in the playful spirit of possibility and just go for it we can quite often really surprise ourselves!