Several of my pupils from time to time have missed classes because they suffer from migraine. While there are many yoga poses that can help to prevent the on set of migraine this sequence is suitable following an attack. It will help to release tension and stiffness that has built up in the body as the migraine runs its course.

Before you start do the upside-down test and try a standing forward bend with bent knees. If that feels okay then you’re ready to follow this sequence. If it still hurts go back to bed. If having your head upside down feels okay then try the sequence below. If at any time you feel woozy, just lie down in savasana (relaxation pose) for a few minutes before you finish your practice.

Migraine Recovery Sequence 

Sit in an easy cross legged pose 

Child’s pose with hand stretched out, knees wide and forehead on the floor or a support

Cat/cow sequence
Downward-facing dog 

Standing forward bend with bent knees like a rag-doll

Mountain pose (standing pose)
Standing forward bend to half standing forward bend x 3

Downward-facing dog

High warrior lunge on both sides

Downward-facing dog

Child’s pose

Sit up on your heels

Clasp hands behind your back, reach hands towards the floor

Take legs forward and roll down on your back

Hug knees to chest

Simple twist (knees fall to one side, arms straight out to the side)

Relaxation pose Savasana with an eye pillow on forehead and eyes