We frequently forget about the tension in our hips. It’s easier to recognise when tension manifests in our necks and shoulders, and often easier to release that tension (especially if we’re treated to a massage). Hip tension caused by too much sitting, and even by being active if you’re a runner or cyclist, can lead to low back pain and physical and emotional stagnation. Sweep away the tension from the lower part of the body regularly, and you’ll be more balanced.
The hip area has lots of deep muscles that can be difficult to access. That’s why the longer you hold hip opening poses, the more you’ll be able to break through accumulated tension. We keep a lot of junk our trunk – stuff we really don’t need. Having a good old de-clutter and letting go of that junk can be an uncomfortable and intense process sometimes. You have to give yourself a chance to open, to let go, to breathe it out, which is where some long help hip openers such as this one come in.