The freezing weather is just not letting up around here and I’m getting that hunched over feeling in the chest and shoulders from huddling against the cold (well and the lap-top to write this). I’m definitely looking forward to my teaching trip to Goa in February with the chance to escape the British winter! Until then I’m planning to practise and teach a lot of energising yoga poses to help get through this cold & darkest time of the year.

Chest opening feels great in any season but it is especially nice in winter to give your heart a chance to expand and relight your inner flame.
Wheel Pose (Chakrasana) is one of the best yoga poses for increasing energy and opening the heart. This full backbend is an advanced yoga pose that increases energy by opening the chest to expand lung capacity, improving blood flow to the brain, reducing tension in the shoulders and neck, and increasing the heart rate. The deep backbend also stimulates the adrenal glands above the kidneys, which can function like an energy booster shot. 

Although some styles of yoga place Wheel Pose as the final pose in the sequence, it is best to practice a few cool-down poses before going into Savasana relaxation otherwise, your mind may be racing with too much energy to relax!