Now that Autumn has well & truly arrived it’s time for us to take some cues from nature.
As nature prepares for the harsher climate & the dormant months ahead we too need
to get more rest. In winter it’s important to get more sleep as this is the best way to boost
our immune system.

However some of us really struggle to get a good night’s sleep. One way to compensate for
this is by practicing Yoga Nidra. This technique of Yogic Sleep is the state in between sleep
& consciousness. Just a 20 minute guided Yoga Nidra practice each afternoon, can
really help to boost energy levels & the immune system.

Your daily yoga and healing practices do just that. They heal your body as they relax your
nervous system. If you’re constantly in that ‘fight or flight’ state of adrenaline caused by so
much of modern life, you really will burn out too soon. Make sure you roll out your mat and
move, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. 

Make sure you keep up your ‘5 A Day’. It’s more important than ever to include plenty of
fresh vegetables & fruit in our diet. Warming veggie packed stews, soups &curries
are perfect to boost the immune system. Baked apples, stewed fruits, smoothies &
rehydrated dried fruit & nut compotes are perfect on top of a warming porridge for

Cut down on a heavy social schedule & enjoy more cosy evenings at home, reading,
doing something creative, cooking for friends. 
everything in moderation. 

For those that can, winter is the best time of year to go on a much needed yoga retreat. It will help to get through the winter to have somewhere warm & sunny to look forward to. I’m running a 7 night yoga retreat by the beach in North Kerala in late February which is one the most beautiful & unspoilt parts of Southern India. However if you can’t afford the time or money for a full blown retreat I also have a number of one day yoga retreats scheduled for the winter months to help recharge the batteries.

Even though it’s cold outside it’s really important to dress up warmly & get outdoors. We run a walking group with a bunch of West London friends & take turns to plan a walk either in the countryside or even in some of the many fascinating or open spaces in London. Take a look at Transport for London’s ‘Capital Ring Walk’  which sets out a series of walk right around the capital with the start and end points all easily accessible by the tube or London overground.

The winter months are a great time to spend happy times with friends &; family. A bit of laughter & banter help us all to lighten up, even on those darkest gloomiest days.

Keep warm, be happy, stay healthy. Find time to check out our upcoming yoga retreats; London classes by visiting