The world needs yoga right now more than ever & as it’s not possible to teach in person I am now offering my classes online. True virtual classes will never be as good as teaching you in person, but I do my best to keep an eye on you as you practise. Even if everything isn’t perfect in your poses/asana, long as your body feels supported & safe you will still benefit both mentally & physically. As you know, yoga is not just the asanas it helps us to realise there is so much more to learn about ourselves. Yoga is about meeting ourselves where we’re are at & today, especially now, we are getting online.
Its easy to join me for live stream yoga via Zoom. 
 SUGGESTED DONATION per class is £10

If you are struggling financially during these challenging times just offer to pay whatever you can afford or accept this class as a gift of support by sending me an email to

To find class schedule & book individual classes or class bundles visit  LIVE STREAM YOGA CLASSES