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Yoga is a process of self discovery, a personal journey of exploration that never ends. People often ask why advanced or challenging poses are necessary if yoga is about the inside. For me headstand, or arm balances of any kind come that, are a huge struggle. The internal striving to get there bringing up all [...]

YOGA’S HOLY GRAIL2020-09-25T12:28:18+01:00

I BEND SO I DON’T BREAK – yoga for Mental Health

With the imposed self-isolation, caused by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the subject of our mental health has been thrown into the spotlight more than ever before. Indeed it is a widely held belief that the next pandemic we will experience will be mental illness. As we come to the end of  Mental Health Awareness Week I thought I [...]

I BEND SO I DON’T BREAK – yoga for Mental Health2020-09-25T12:28:22+01:00
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