Live instruction, live guidance, live inspiration. Turn your space into your own private studio with Zoom

Elisa’s live stream yoga classes allow you to participate in yoga classes from anywhere in the world. Elisa provides physical & verbal prompts live as you practice.

There will be an opportunities before & after the classes to ask questions, connect to and be encouraged by our yoga community. However during the class your screen is muted in case of any noise disruption.

Come as you are to class wearing comfortable non restrictive clothes, with your partners, pets, coffee-in-hand, it’s your practice!


To Join class using your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Apple TV you will need to download the Zoom app or follow the class link provided when you book.

I recommend using a bigger screen to get the full experience, and turning video on to immerse yourself in our community and receive any personalised prompts.

Get set up earlier enough so that you can frame a full view of yourself on the screen so that I can keep an eye on you in both supine and standing poses.

A mat to practice on is the only equipment you’ll need. Elisa may incorporate props if you have them. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything as plenty of household objects can be used as props instead!

Reduce home distractions with a pair of bluetooth headphones, or a speaker, and turn up the sound.

Elisa Williams Yoga at home