Over the years I have had the opportunity to take classes with some wonderful teachers – all have guided me to try things I’d never tried before.
Trying new poses or new transitions between poses, is a fun physical adventure. It also helps open our minds and hearts to new possibilities. It reminds us that change is possible, and that growth is possible. New experiences are a direct demonstration that we are not static, but that we are ever evolving within our bodies.

It is always interesting to try something new even when it still seems to be inaccessible to us. It provides us with a sense of motivation, something to practice towards. If we don’t quite make it, the experience is a reminder of humility and effort. And, if we do make it, the experience gives us a real boost of courage. So, either way, we can’t really lose.
It’s hard sometimes to embrace experiences that are unfamiliar and challenging, they make us a bit uncomfortable and we might be afraid of failure. However, if we just embrace new challenges in the playful spirit of possibility and just go for it we can quite often really surprise ourselves!