Brightening Your Inner Skies

A short taster of one of Elisa’s guided imagery meditations

Yoga Unites Us

Self-Isolation doesn’t mean we have to feel isolated. During the Covid19 global pandemic I have been offering a schedule of LIVE STREAM YOGA classes from my home to yours. I am also uploading free content to encourage people to take time practicing self care & meditation. It seems now more than ever that we need our yoga & meditation practices to help us navigate such uncertain times, maintain our health & that all important sense of human contact & community

Self-Practice for Chronic Illness

Elisa originally filmed this yoga practice for a student with gravely damaged lungs caused by her cancer treatment

Deserted Beach Meditation

For me there is nothing quite as uplifting for my soul as being by the sea. Time spent by the ocean is so good for our sense of wellbeing. In fact, according research, people who live by the coast report better physical and mental health than those who don’t.
Well many of us live a long way away from the sea. The current social distancing measures to help contain the coronavirus pandemic, mean that a trip to the sea, even if just for the day is strictly off limits.
I have recorded this adaptation of a guided imagery meditation set at the beach to help sustain those feeling bereft of the sea and who would like be soothed by its healing voice. Even when the lock down comes to an end, it is still a wonderful meditation that will help you to relax mentally and physically.

Meditation on a Starry Sky

If, you’re anything like me at the moment, you may be finding that your racing mind is preventing you from falling asleep. Practicing meditation might be just the sleep aid that you need. I have recorded this guided imagery starry sky meditation practice for you to use at bedtime to help you prepare for sleep. Practice sitting on the floor of your bedroom before you get into bed or of course if you prefer, after you’ve snuggled up under the duvet. I hope it will help you to calm your mind & release some of the stresses of the day. Think of meditation as being like exercising a muscle – it will gradually become stronger & more effective over time. Sleep well, Elisa

Stay Strong

It’s been a week since our country, like many others, went into lockdown. The reality & gravity of what we face over the coming months is becoming clearer every day. I know a lot of us might be feeling scared, anxious or lonely.

In our lifetimes, there has rarely been a time when we have collectively, as a race, felt more vulnerable. However if we are to stem the global tide of this contagion, save lives & support our international health services, we all need to be strong & tenacious. Having a strong core can influence how strong we feel emotionally & physically & help us to be more resilient to life’s ups & downs.

I Bend So I Don’t Break

In today’s world, self-isolation does not mean isolating ourselves. We are very fortunate in these unprecedented times that through the combined medium of the internet & yoga we can still connect with each other.
Thank you to everyone who joined me in my sitting room for my live stream yoga classes this week. Especially those of you home alone & who, in some cases, practiced yoga for the very first time!
It’s also been wonderful seeing some of you sitting in front of me in a class for the first time in years!
Watching the world as we know changing in front of our eyes now more than ever we need the support of our global social networks & local communities.

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