After a long day – long week,  nothing hits the spot quite like a restorative inversion. 
They provide support for all of the body’s systems, especially the immune and endocrine systems, and help address various hormonal issues for example adrenal fatigue. Inversions give our heart a rest from its effort to pump blood to our brain and let gravity help refresh our legs and lower body from heaviness and vascular stagnation. 
So don’t hit the red wine quite yet! To practice Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose) simply place a bolster with two folded blankets on top of it near a wall, with a couple of tall blocks between the bolster and the wall to keep the bolster from rolling into the wall. Sit with your right outer hip on the bolster so your sit bones are touching the wall. Use your hands behind you on the floor to support you as you roll your sacrum onto the bolster and your legs up the wall. Push your hands into the floor to push your hips closer to the wall. Gently lower your head and shoulders to the floor, and be careful to keep your hips close to the wall.
Roll the outer shoulders down into the floor and lift the sides of your chest. Relax your throat and allow your neck to lengthen away from the bolster. Relax your belly and allow it to drop back toward the bolster. Close your eyes and rest for 15 minutes. If your legs get tired, cross them in svastikasana, feet resting on the wall for a few breaths, and change the cross of your legs halfway through. To come out of the pose, bend your knees and bring your knees and feet together. Press the feet into the wall and slide off the bolster until your whole back is on the floor. Cross your legs in svastikasana and rest them on top of the bolster; switch the cross of your legs halfway through. Then roll over to rest on your right side before sitting up. 

Then maybe a wee glass of Merlot!