Here are three yoga poses to try for deep, healing sleep every single night.

Double Leg Twist

Whether you’re ignoring the snoring noises coming out of the person next to you or distractions in general, this pose uses reclined twists to help release worries and overstimulation on a profound level, while breathing deeply and evenly helps calm and quiet your entire nervous system

Lie on your back in bed, fold your knees together to the left of your body, but keep your chest facing the ceiling.
Breathe deeply, matching inhales and exhales in tempo and intensity – think: easy and breezy.
After a dozen or more deep breaths, switch your knees to the other side and repeat.
If the twist feels uncomfortable, try putting a pillow under your knees so the twist is less intense.

Blue Sky Meditation

Often our monkey mind swings from one thought to the next and doesn’t seem to stop. When an over active mind prevents you from falling asleep try this meditation to clear and calm your mind, which in turn will encourage your body to relax, too.

Close your eyes. Inhale deeply; then, open up your mouth and release.
Visualise depositing your scattered thoughts in clouds in your mind.
Start to inhale and exhale smoothly and as calmly as you can.
With each exhale, imagine clouds floating away to reveal soft, peaceful blue sky.
Repeat until there is only space to rest instead of think.

Soften and Relax

This gently stretches the tissues that form joints and softens the tight, holding spots in your body.

Lie down, and hug yourself into a little ball, knees toward your face.
Release, with a big exhale, like a star that fell from the sky into a big x shape – arms wide, legs apart.
Inhale through your nose; then, exhale with a long sigh out of your mouth. Repeat.
Imagine you are melting into your bed, your bones and muscles getting heavier.

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