For many years I suffered from chronic low back pain exacerbated by 5 pregnancies within the space of 7 years. I turned to yoga and eventually to becoming a yoga teachier to see me through those pregnancies and to build up my core strength to see me through my day to day life – stronger and pain free.
Over the 25 years I have been practicing yoga the improvement to my health and wellbeing have been remarkable. My increasingly strong and flexible core muscles have resulted in:
  • less or no back pain
  • faster recovery times from minor injuries
  • faster recovery from child-birth
  • stronger and safer transition between dynamic yoga postures and sequences
  • increased ability to practice dynamic yoga poses mindfully
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Yoga postures require us to move the body into dynamic positions, which we then hold for extended periods of time. In general, anytime you hold your upper body in a static position, and then move it shortly afterwards, with the spine extended beyond the hips, you incorporate your core muscles.

In yoga, there are a large variety of postures that do exactly that. In an average 60 – 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga class, whether you are aware of it or not, a large majority of the postures that you perform will help bring strength and flexibility to your core. Vinyasa Yoga, if performed mindfully and slowly, with a focus on alignment, is exceptionally good for core training.

At first you keep the core taught and rigid to strengthen it, and then you allow your core strength training to include movement, in order to ensure that your core muscles have a ‘functional’ strength that keeps you safe through all the movements that you perform in your day-to-day life.
Yoga’s all round approach to the body and balancing strength with flexibility is ideally suited to providing practitioners with the benefits of a strong and flexible core.
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