Are you looking for responsible, practical people to care for your home, exercise your dog, cuddle up with your cats, water your house plants, maintain your garden?

Would you like to be able to leave your home knowing that it is safe, secure and being well looked after?

Elisa and Dominic Williams

We take care of your home, keep it secure when you’re absent and undertake house and garden maintenance.

We could be exactly who you’re looking for. We have been house sitting for over 10 years. We are parents of 5 grown up children, Elisa has spent the past 18 years as a yoga teacher and running overseas yoga retreats. Dominic is a qualified yacht skipper and when not delivering boats or helping Elisa to run the yoga events, he renovates homes in London and looks after various rental properties for private landlords and their tenants.


When our children were young, as a means of taking them on overseas holidays, we would regularly house swap with other families throughout Europe. This became our first taste of looking after other home owners property and their pets.

As our older children grew up and started heading away to university, we became very early up takers of Airbnb. In 2010, we began to rent our spare room and since then we have hosted hundreds of people in our home . When the London Olympics took place in 2012, Airbnb was keen for more of its hosts to rent their whole homes. We had already enjoyed the experience of having strangers live in our home through many years of house swapping during the school holidays. Therefore for us it wasn’t difficult to apply that same principle of trust to guests who were renting our home when we wanted to travel or needed some additional income.

When all our children had grown up, we no longer needed to go away during school holidays. So while we continued to rent out our London home to help with finances during these popular times of the year , we began to housesit for our friends, neighbours, and increasingly via personal recommendation while the homeowners were away on their own holidays.


Since that time, we have often been asked to undertake home improvements and maintenance tasks for various home owners and private landlords, both in Central London and more recently overseas.

Aside from being a professional yacht skipper, Dom does home renovations in London. So in addition to house and pet sitting, when it’s been requested (and usually by separate agreement), we have organised seasonal repair work, provided ongoing home maintenance and undertaken any home improvements or redecorating that the owners would like us to do. This is an additional service and we are always happy to discuss your budget for this work, in addition to your house/pet sitting requirements.

House sitting has now become a part of our current lifestyle solution. We make no charge for house sitting, because we housesit when our own home is rented out and Elisa can teach her yoga classes online. But to be honest we both rather enjoy the change of scenery & temporarily living in different countries and cultures – (even when it’s living in a different part of our own London neighbourhood).


Please message us details of when, where and how long you want your home to be looked after for.

If the dates and location fit we can then arrange to meet with you either on line or in person to discuss your housesitting requirements further and for us to get to know each other a little more.

In the meantime we are both more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Elisa and Dom