Listen to the voice in your head and travel!

Kabak the peaceful and remote location for our yoga holidays is one of the safest places on earth!

The polarising effect of the media, political wrangling in far away places, continue to fuel our disproportionate fear of Islamist terrorism. One of the biggest casualties has been the Turkish tourist industry. This is particularly absurd as Turkey is such enormous country with so many beautiful places that have remained unchanged in century’s of domestic and global turmoil.

International flights to Turkey are currently at rock bottom prices, tourist numbers are down giving us an even greater incentive to go.

Like France, Turkey is in a period of national emergency, but this has negligible effect on tourists travelling to the coastal resorts. The government’s grip on security at airports and transport hubs has never been tighter.

The truth is that the vast majority of Turkey remains as safe as most other countries around the globe. Our statistical risk of fatally slipping on the stairs at home or being struck by lightening are vastly higher than the risk of being put in any kind of harms way in Turkey. 

We have two holidays scheduled this Autumn in Southern Turkey and we have no intention of cancelling them. We believe that there has never been a better time to show our support for Turkey’s beleaguered tourist industry, bask in the warm welcome of our lovely hosts and continue to enjoy the tranquility and peace of the Turquoise Aegean coast.

Like most people we are determined not to allow the hateful ambitions of terrorism to instil in us an irrational fear of other cultures, to cause division among people and prevent us from travelling to places in the world we love.

If you would like to join us for Autumn sunshine, yoga, good food, relaxation and a warm Turkish welcome in the beautiful, safe and tranquil village of Kabak high up on Turkey’s stunning Turquoise coast then please visit my website for more details.

Prices From £450 per person

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Our upcoming Autumn 2016 Yoga Holidays:

26th Sept – 3rd Oct (5 cabins available)

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