Yoga is helping me to slow things down

The patience that yoga teaches has helped me to appreciate life, to be more present, to take things more slowly, to live one moment at a time. Yoga is a reminder to me that I’m not just a body,  nobody is just a body. We all have bodies but we are so much more than just that.

For an hour or so it quietens my over active brain

A massive benefit. Yoga helps me to notice my mind & to all the constant chitter chatter. Wherever my mind goes, I catch it. It wriggles away again & again & I catch it. It’s like I’m trying to train a wayward puppy,  a constant game going on inside my skull.

I practice deep breathing.

My breath during my yoga practice helps to settle my mind. Deep breathing relieves my levels of stress & allows me to see my problems in perspective instead of being overwhelmed by them all the time.

It teaches me to be less competitive

With yoga, I’m learning to stop competing all the time & to keep my focus on my mat & my practice. I don’t have to be the strongest, the bendiest, the best. I just have to show up for myself

It helps my body to feel better

Yoga’s taught me the value of feeling great physically not just trying to look good.  Its taught me the importance of what goes on inside my body & not to worry about the superficial, cosmetic stuff.

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